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As we are entering a new season in Sydney, Australia, it may also begin to consider renovation projects in the home. Whether on a small-scale or a full-scale, having the right tapware is as important as the jewellery pieces on your favourite dress. Moreover, the tapware collection can transform the beauty and function of your home interior. Also, it can elevate the entire value of your kitchen or bathroom. 

The latest interior design trends is a mile away from the regular chrome tapware that many home renovators automatically invest in. Now, other designs are equally on a budget and give much more value than the conventional stuff. The charge, however, is to get out of the comfort zone to explore the varieties, styles, finishes, core materials and colours in the tapware industry. But the next question is, how do you decipher what you need in 2021?

Before we examine the classification, let us first give a description of the tapware structure.

Mains Structure of a Tapware

In the earlier days, tapware is purely about function. But more recently, homeowners now pay attention to the quality of the faucet, size, colour and inner material. The essential parts of the tapware include the ball valve core, ceramic valve core, rubber valve core, and stainless steel valve core. Moreover, the ceramic valve core shows the level of quality of the overall tapware and can spend between 5 to 10 years in durability. 

The coatings of the tapware may include one of the following:

  • Chromium
  • Gold plating
  • Titanium
  • Spray paint
  • Surface coating thickness
  • Grinding 

Concerning the body of the tapware, it is usually made of bronze material. But more recently, the options include brass and a copper content that reaches 85%. Depending on the process of casting, it may also contain some measure of aluminium casting. Meanwhile, the technology prioritizes options such as abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and pressure resistance. Overall, the structure of the tapware remains simple but still with the maintenance of tapware quality. 

As it stands too, there are three primary stages of the tapware structure according to the open handle, namely

  • Single handle that connects only one pipe
  • Double handle that can connect hot and cold water pipe and which is more common
  • Or triple 

In terms of the function, we can classify tapware according to the use position of the division, such as

  • Basin tapware
  • Shower tapware
  • Sink tapware
  • Stainless steel tapware

Regular classification of Home tapware 

This article gives a broad classification of tapware of different materials and core values to help you. Let us enjoy the category of various tapware for your interior home, particularly the bathroom and kitchen. Click here to read about The Source Of Subway Tiles In Australia.

Brass tapware

The brass tapware is one of the latest trends in the interior components market with continuous growth in popularity. Moreover, this collection has a versatile yet beautiful structure that can hasten your interest and attraction towards them. At the same time, you can have a beautiful but rustic aesthetic value within the space. You can also obtain a better pairing with natural finishes like timber and marble. Meanwhile, you can check the brushed brass tapware from Yabby as a typical example. 

Brushed Nickel tapware

The first attraction to the brushed nicker tapware is its contemporary feel with a stunning timeless appearance. Meanwhile, nothing ‘blingy’ about the collection is unlike brushed gold and brass tapware. You can hardly have the brushed nickel out of style due to its adaptation in many tapware components. At the same time, it goes perfect on terrazzo tiles that is majorly popular for a long time to come. Similarly, you can establish a seamless flow with the brushed nickel for overpowered textures and aligned textures. An example of brushed nickel is the round kitchen mixer that represents a timeless trend of tapware. 

Matte White tapware

The matte white is a classic choice for an all-white kitchen or bathroom with beautiful tile walls. At the same time, the flat white tapware takes your interior beauty to the next level. At the same time, it creates a seamless space within the internal parts and a blend of elements for an elegant show of quality. What a beauty you find with a matte white tap on a grey or black background with acute space management. It can also come with minimal mood and theme. A classic example in this category is the Zip HydroTop mixer, which is a classic choice for a complete upheaval of water supply and functionality in the home. 

Textured tapware

The textured tapware is more like the natural finishes. These organic and earthy colours continue to gain more relevance and popularity. It is also a trend that holds not only kitchen tapware but even bathroom components together in a way to meet bespoke needs. In a way, the textured tapware is an excellent way to show off the artisanal movement and uniqueness of design. It contains serrated grooves and knurled surfaces with prominence in grey or chrome tapware coatings. These textured handles also reflect a tactile finish on the tapware that can enhance its qualities. 

2021 Trends of Tapware in Sydney Australia

In general, below are some of the biggest trends of tapware that are available in Australia.

  1. ‘Circa’ Basin Sink High Set in Polished Brass from Sussex
  2. Zip HydroTap G5 in Bright Chrome from zipping
  3. Caroma Twin Sink Mixer in White from Bunnings
  4. Milli Pure Progressive Wall Bath Mixer System that has a Diamond Textured Handle in Brushed Nickel from Reece
  5. Spin Brushed Brass Basin Wall Spout from Highgrove Bathrooms
  6. Blanco LINUSSW kitchen mixer with pull put tap from Appliances Online
  7. Milani Assembly Taps & Spout Set in Brushed Brass from ABI Interiors
  8. Elysian Kitchen Mixer in Brushed Nickel from ABI Interiors
  9. ‘Voda’ Custom bath spout in Rustic Iron from Sussex
  10. ‘Tink’ kitchen mixer from Abey
  11. ‘Calibre’ Extended Basin Mixer in Living Brass from Sussex
  12. Gessi ‘Meccanica’ 316 Basin Mixer, POA from Abey