NOV 20 2010 - After a few delays and technical difficulties, the new release from Japan's Yamaoka is available now on the catalog page. Over 77 minutes created with 2 analog mono synths. Yamaoka have previously recorded for U-Cover, October Man, and many others. Check out the previews here as well as 2 tracks and on the Secret Station Soundcloud page, and 1 track on the SS compilation Broadcast 3. Next on the schedule is the SS debut from 91Plus, who has previously recorded for the always tops Retronym records. Naturalysis is due out on Dec 1, and from what i've heard so far it will be one of the label highlights. Also lined up for release very soon is a double cd of drones from electronic mastermind Brian Grainger (the man behind Milieu and Coppice Halifax), which comes in a metal case with some stickers.
Nov 6 2010- Things seem to work in three's here, and all of the following releases fit right into that. From Denton TX comes Ops Esponja and his debut EP 'Joe Rushmore Sessions". This is the third release on Secret Station with ties to Denton (FUR and Verülf are the others).This EP definitely impressed me and has been listened to alot since i've gotten it. The cover art was provided by a fantastic artist named Christopher Bonnette ( Also available on the free downloads page is the newest release (and third for Secret Station) by Paneye, "Lost in a Dark Aquarium". Recorded in Tokyo over a few months earlier in the year, this is perhaps the most accomplished release by Paneye to date. Free version is out now, and next week a very limited run of cd's will be available. In case you missed it, be sure to check out the newest Secret Station Broadcast compilation (the third in the series). At 15 tracks, it covers nearly the entire current roster, with a few other special guests. It's a very nice introduction to the label, and it's gotten some great feedback so far. We have a few more things lined up before the end of the year. Out next week on CD and 320k mp3 (not a freebie this time) is the SS debut from Yamaoka. They are from Japan (the third Japanese release on SS) and have previously recorded for U-Cover, October Man, and many others. Early December will bring the full length from 91+, and last but certainly not least, a double cd of drones from Brian Grainger. Brian, if you don't already know, has previously recorded for Attacknine, Boltfish, U-Cover, Infraction, Benbecula, etc. Stay tuned....
Sep 17 2010- After a much needed summer break, Secret Station is back and better than ever. There are many new releases lined up, and many new artists have come on board. We recently hooked up with the band Yamaoka, who are from Japan and have previously recorded for electronic heavyweights U-Cover and October Man. Look for a full length cd from them soon. Free releases coming soon by 91Plus, Moon.Plants, Aeron, and Ops Esponja. Kicking the free releases off is the Barnstead series by Drexon Field. Over 2 1/2 hours in 6 parts! Ambience, field recordings, far away noise and SETI like sounds to fill your headphones. Next up is the 3rd Broadcast compilation, and it's by far the best one yet. This free release will contain 16 tracks by past, present, and future members of the SS roster. Stay tuned!
MAY 16, 2010- Out now on the catalog page is the new split single from Andrei and Eleonora and Moonoton. Moonoton is Andrei Nikonorov from St. Petersburg Russia, and Andrei & Eleonora is Andrei along with vocalist Eleonora Babaeva. This is a far cry from the usual electronic idm and ambient acoustics Secret Station is known for, as the groove here leans much more towards the dancefloors of the EU, and would fit nicely on any adventurous radio station playlist. The cd hasn't left my player for weeks, and the hooks haven't left my head since i've heard them. Check out the previews and hear for yourself, and check out this very nice write up on them here. Also available now are the Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel cd's. A great cd that's getting a great response. I think you'll be hearing alot more from Shreber in the future and you will wonder why you didn't get one of these cd's when you had the chance. On the free downloads page is the newest one from Straywel, and since this is the final installment of Straywel's Secret Station involvement, i'd like to wish him the best with his future endeavors. Also on the free page is the new one from Paneye, and I have about 5 cd's available (of 10 total) if you'd like a hard copy of it. Coming next is the long awaited much anticipated release from Kontyx, now new and improved with a Kontyx remix of the Lunar Testing Lab track MK-Naomi. Stay tuned for that and more, coming soon.
APRIL 28 2010- It's a big release week at Secret Station- first up is the 2CD Verülf box set. 'Territorial' comes in a 6x5 jewelry type box with 2 digipacks inside and it also includes some Verulf stickers. 90 minutes of ambience and drones, voices and guitars. It's one of my favorites on the label, and a very limited edition. Also new to download (with cd's coming shortly) is 'M.F.N.D.' from new addition to the label Shreber Harber Mole Flying Wheel. Shreber has previously recorded for U-Cover, October Man, and Rednetic. It's a very unique blend of electronic and acoustic sounds, and one i'm very happy to be releasing. (thanks to i, absentee records for sending him my way). Check out the catalog page for track previews. On the free downloads page is the newest from Paneye, 'Lying Under Moribund Waves'. There are also a handful of Paneye cd's available there too if you're interested in a hard copy. Be on the lookout for a few more free downloads soon, including the second SS release from Straywel in early May.
FEB 22 2010- Out now and in the catalog is the debut EP from Tadoma. 'Field Notes' is 26 minutes of warm synths, field recordings, samples, live guitar and more. If you like the bits that Boards of Canada sometimes does between tracks (and who doesn't?) then I definitely think you'd like this. Available as 320k mp3 for $4, and cd's will be available in early March. Also out now on the free downloads page is a 4 track introduction from SS newcomer Straywel. Nice grooves, heavily influenced by Black Moth Super Rainbow, and free, so please give it a listen. I've been getting great feedback about Drexon Field's "We like up and down". If you haven't already, check out the previews and pictures on the catalog page. Next on the schedule are 3 special editions- Lunar Testing Lab, Verülf, and Kontyx.
FEB 9 2010- Next up at Secret Station is 'We like up and down' by Drexon Field, and it is not to be missed! 60+ minutes and each is masterfully produced and crafted. Driving at times, atmospheric at others, it has a tremendous flow and melodies that will not leave your head. Comes in black digipaks and will include some stickers of the cover art. Check out the catalog page for track previews. Also in Feb will be Lunar Testing Lab's "Unauthorized Frequencies" and the much anticipated debut EP from Tadoma. March is also lining up to be a good one, with the deluxe package double cd from Verülf and the 1st full length contribution to SS by Steve Lutes (aka Mall Security, 1/2 of the Red Falcon Projects, D'antini), recording here as Kontyx. Finally, new for 2010, 320 kbs digital downloads of all new releases. Stay tuned for these and more, including some free downloads in the works.